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Your Detailed Guide to Online PrEP Purchasing

PrEP is a common daily preventive medication used all over the world. Depending on where you reside and how you receive PrEP, the access mechanism may change. PrEP, however, is accessible and inexpensively priced online.
Use DeliverDose to get your medication delivered to your door. In the UK, Europe, and several other nations, buying PrEP is simple. PrEP can be ordered and delivered quickly, allowing you to live stress-free while preventing HIV infection.
To learn more about ordering PrEP online, keep reading.

How can you purchase PrEP

PrEP can be purchased from various different sources as mentioned below:

In-person pharmacies 
Doctor’s offices
Sexual health clinics
Online pharmacies

As per the country you are living in, you may visit your local health clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital to get a prescription for PrEP. Although getting a private prescription can be an expensive affair.

As per data, only 10% of people in Europe have access to PrEP and eventually have to pay large sums of money for buying PrEP. At-risk people like gay and bisexual men, sex workers, and injectable-drug users can generally access PrEP through sexual health clinics. However, there are different rules for the countries in Europe and there is no set protocol for accessing PrEP.

France was the pioneer in launching PrEP access through a national health program. Now, there are at least 15 countries where PrEP can be accessed through their national health service programs. In five counties, PrEP is accessed through medical health trials, whereas in eight counties you can buy PrEP online with testing facilities available at sexual health clinics.

How can you access PrEP online

There are services available to buy PrEP online. You can order PrEP from online pharmacies or sexual health clinics. A medical evaluation is required to check your eligibility for starting PrEP. Although prices can be higher in private sexual health clinics

It is more convenient to buy PrEP online in Europe and various other countries. Authentic generic PrEP can be purchased online from overseas pharmacies. The active ingredients in the generic PrEP are exactly the same as that of the brand name PrEP medication like Truvada or Descovy.

How can you manage the PrEP treatment cost?

There are government programs to reduce PrEP treatment costs. The PrEP trial program in the UK which was only supplying PrEP to those involved in clinical trials has come to an end. Now you can get PrEP in England through NHS sexual health clinics. You can visit a local NHS clinic to know about the method of getting PrEP in the UK. You can also opt for a private prescription for around £50 to £80.

So, PrEP expenses depend on various factors. You can take benefit from several health programs in different countries across Asia, Europe, and Australia. The PrEP cost per month may be as low as $10 AUD in Australia. You can get PrEP from online pharmacies in counties like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Spain, and Poland. The standard cost of 1-year PrEP or Truvada supply in Europe can be as much as €6500. However, the generic version of PrEP is considerably cheaper; for example, in Italy, the generic PrEP can be purchased at a cost of around €65. The PrEP treatment cost in the USA is around $1500 to $2000. 

The best way to manage the PrEP treatment cost is to buy it online. You can get generic PrEP from online pharmacies delivered right to your doorstep. The usual price lies in the range of £20 to £50 per month.

Can I get access to PrEP without a prescription?

Generally, you would need to submit a prescription for buying PrEP online. However, in some countries laws and regulations allow you to buy PrEP online without any prescription. For example, in the UK, PrEP medicine can be bought from overseas online pharmacies. However, the drug purchased overseas should be for personal use only.

It is legal to import PrEP medicine for personal use in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and several other countries. It is generally not advised to order more than a three-month supply or 3 bottles of PrEP containing 30 tablets each. In case you order a supply of more than three months, it could be difficult to determine whether it is for personal use or commercial distribution. Still, buying PrEP online for personal use is an effective and easy way to access PrEP. 

However, in countries like Japan, it is allowed to buy PrEP online but PrEP personal import is restricted to just 1 month of supply. You can’t exceed the limit of one month’s supply while buying PrEP online. 

There are different laws and regulations for importing PrEP in different countries. You should check with your country’s rules and regulations for buying PrEP before ordering from online providers.

What are the perks of buying PrEP online?

Affordable Cost

Buying PrEP online has many benefits. First of all, you will get PrEP medication at a much lower cost when you buy it online. Online pharmacies like DeliverDose can provide quality PrEP medication at an affordable price because of special tie-ups with credible drug manufacturers. DeliverDose works closely with generic manufacturers to deliver cheap and authentic medicines right to your doorstep in discreet packaging.

Ensures safety

It is safe to buy PrEP online. There have been tests that verified the authentication of PrEP medication provided by online pharmacies. The same studies indicated that the PrEP medications provided by online pharmacies had the exact same ingredients as that of the brand-name medication and contain a sufficient amount of drug levels to ensure proper protection from HIV infection.

It is fast and convenient

You get your medicines delivered really fast to your doorstep in a convenient way when purchased from online pharmacies. You can save yourself from the pain of standing in a line at a pharmacy store or a doctor’s office for getting your medication. Some online pharmacies like DeliverDose provide free shipping facilities on certain order values which further lowers the cost of PrEP treatment. It is advised to order your medicines at least one month in advance in case any delay occurs due to unforeseen circumstances. In most cases, you can get your medicines delivered within 2-3 weeks of placing your order which depends on the country you live in.

Ensures Privacy

Finally, you can get your PrEP medicine delivered from an online pharmacy like DeliverDose in discreet packaging. Your identity and personal information are protected when you order from credible online pharmacies like DeliverDose. PrEP medication can be delivered to you without your parents and family members knowing. Since it is delivered in discreet packaging, no one knows what’s inside the package except you.

Other important tips for buying PrEP online

If you are still wondering about how to get PrEP online, you can use an online pharmacy like DeliverDose. As long as you are buying PrEP for personal use and order your supply for 1-3 months while following your country’s rules and regulations, it is good to buy and ship PrEP medication from online pharmacies.

Evaluate your online pharmacy

It is advised to evaluate your online pharmacy before buying PrEP online. There are some rare cases when fraudulent online pharmacies ship the wrong medication produced by non-genuine manufacturers. It is dangerous to consume medicines that are not authentic or have the wrong ingredients.

You should check whether the pharmacy is sourcing the medicine from a certified genuine manufacturer or not. Sites like DeliverDose provide additional information to ensure that you get genuine quality PrEP medication.

Difference between generic and brand name

It is advised that you buy generic alternatives of PrEP rather than its brand-name versions. It will save you a significant amount of money spent on your PrEP treatment. Since the patent of Truvada has expired, now it’s possible for generic manufacturers to produce the same quality PrEP with the same effectiveness. This is healthy for the market as well since it pushes the price to a lower range.

Truvada vs Descovy

There are several options available to buy PrEP online. Generally, the generic version of Truvada or tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) combined with emtricitabine (FTC) is consumed across the world. Descovy containing tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) and emtricitabine (FTC) is another alternative to Truvada.
With slightly different ingredients, Descovy is a newer version drug than Truvada. The USA has approved the usage of Descovy and it can also be found in several other countries. Although both Truvada and Descovy are equally effective, the active ingredients in Descovy dissolve easily in blood and cause fewer side effects than that of Truvada.

With similar active ingredients, both Truvada and Descovy serve the same purpose. These medicines stop the virus from multiplying itself and hence prevent you from HIV-1 infection. You should consume a pill once daily with or without food no matter if you take Truvada or Descovy. You may consult your doctor about whether Truvada or Descovy is better suited for you.

Can I get generic PrEP medications?

Both Truvada and Descovy are available in their generic versions. Tenof EM, Tavin EM, and Recovir EM are some of the most popular generic versions of Truvada. Similarly, Tafero EM is a popular generic version of Descovy. As the active ingredients of both the generic version and the brand version are exactly the same so you are buying the same drug and will get the exact same benefits while consuming the generic versions of the drug.

DeliverDose can help you

You can easily purchase Tenof EM or Tafero EM or any other versions of Truvada or Descovy from DeliverDose. As an online pharmacy, DeliverDose offers a cheap and convenient way to buy PrEP online.

You just need to provide your correct shipping address and pay with the desired payment method, rest assured DeliverDose delivers medicines right to your doorstep in discreet packaging. At DeliverDose, medicines are available at the cheapest price and manufactured by genuine manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most countries allow to import medicine for personal use. To check if we can deliver to your country please go here

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Yes! we do not share your personal info with any third party in any circumstance. In fact, we ensure the medicines are packed in a way that no one can see the contents inside the parcel unless it is opened.

Some countries may require you to have prescription from your doctor to import PrEP. If your country has such a requirement we would need the prescription copy to process your order. Please check here for your country requirements

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