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About Us

A global medication distribution service called DeliverDose puts patients first at all times. Not all vendors are created equal. For this reason, we aimed to become your top option when purchasing generic medications online for personal use. PrEP and other drugs should be readily available with no restrictions. We are one step closer to fulfilling our aim by providing medicine at a fair price.

Our Mission

Our goal is straightforward. All of your medication should be accessible to you at a reasonable cost and delivered promptly. Making another trip to the pharmacy or doctor’s office is the last thing you desire to do when you’re stressed out about HIV prevention or other medical concerns. We make it simple for you to have the prescription drugs you require delivered right to your door.

Our Values

Ensure the lowest prices for medications through our exclusive supplier relationships.

Uphold privacy at all costs by delivering medicine in discreet packaging so that all information about the shipment remains confidential.

Ensure medicines reach you in a timely manner.*

Don't have access to PrEP from a medical clinic that is free or reasonably priced?

No issue! You can purchase it both privately and online from a provider like DeliverDose. Online purchases of PrEP for personal use are legal in the UK. We also ship to numerous other nations!

The process is easy


Add the products to your Cart and apply coupon codes if any


Click on Proceed to Checkout and enter your correct postcode and shipping address.


Click on Proceed To Pay and pay with your desired payment method.
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Upload Payment Receipt (Here) and get your medicine delivered once the payment is confirmed by us.

We provide medicines at a lower cost than you can get anywhere else!

Additionally, we ship straight to you at no extra charge. And to top it all off, we only purchase generic products from the best manufacturers in the world thanks to our exclusive agreements with them. Ready to purchase the necessary medication? Stop waiting. Browse the medicines we have available.

*Delivery delays are possible and should be expected as drug supplies can vary. We recommend placing your order at least a month before you need your medication to ensure you get your medicine when you need it. 

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