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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most countries allow to import medicine for personal use. To check if we can deliver to your country please go here

Go to Shop Page – Add the medicine to Cart – Fill out the Shipping Address on checkout page and click on “Proceed To Pay” button– Follow the payment instructions and send us the payment – Upload the copy of transaction on Payment Page and its done. After receiving the payment receipt, we will ship your order and send you tracking details on email within 24-48 hours.

Yes! we do not share your personal info with any third party in any circumstance. In fact, we ensure the medicines are packed in a way that no one can see the contents inside the parcel unless it is opened.

Some countries may require you to have prescription from your doctor to import PrEP. If your country has such a requirement we would need the prescription copy to process your order. Please check here for your country requirements

In a rare case, you may be required to pay the import duty and taxes on your purchase. It will be your responsibility as a buyer to fulfill the requirement of your country in such a case.

We accept bank transfers and Visa/Master card through wise.com. Please click here for detailed payment instructions.

Once you place your order with us, we will send instructions to make the payment. Please make sure to upload the transaction copy on the payment page of the website here. We will process the order immediately after the payment is received.

You need to check with your insurance provider about this. Normally it won’t be covered.

Depending on the destination country your order can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks to get delivered. For specific info, you may check our Shipping Info here

We will reship your order or send you a refund if it is not delivered for any reason.

DeliverDose is a project started to help the individuals access PrEP conveniently and cheaper.

Our notification emails may land up in your Promotions/Spam/Junk Folder. Don't forget to check everywhere and mark them as important.
United Kingdom (UK)3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Spain3 months supply2-3 Weeks
France3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Italy3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Australia3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Japan1 month supply2-3 Weeks
China3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Hong Kong3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Singapore3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Indonesia3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Phillipines3 months supply2-3 Weeks
South Korea3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Vietnam3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Switzerland3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Czech Republic3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Bangladesh3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Russia3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Saudi Arabia3 months supply2-3 Weeks
Maldives3 months supply2-3 Weeks
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