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About FPAP
As a brand, DeliverDose strongly believes in the power of the community. We are here to take all possible steps to help you get access to PrEP, and keep up in good health at all times. We understand that there are members in the community who wish to get access to the medication but are unable to, due to certain limitations. To address this, we have initiated the FPAP – Free PrEP Access Program. Through this initiative, we wish to make PrEP reach every person in need. 

Please Note: The selection is absolutely discreet and unbiased. We will ship one month’s free supply to members randomly chosen from all the applicants who have registered with us for FPAP in the month. It will be done on the 30th of every month. You can apply again if not selected for the 1st time. One applicant gets a free supply only once.

About PrEP

What is PrEP?

PrEP, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a daily HIV prevention pill that helps in reducing your risk of getting HIV. Without prevention or treatment, the body’s immune cells can get infected by HIV, and consequently weakens the immune system.
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How to take Prep?

PrEP treatment has become flexible these days. It can be taken in a way that works for you. Although flexible dosing is an option, many people go for daily PrEP dosing. On-demand PrEP is another popular method of taking PrEP.
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How does PrEP work?

PrEP contains tenofovir and emtricitabine which are nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs). So they protect T cells by blocking HIV reverse transcriptase enzyme from creating more copies of the virus.
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What is event based PrEP?

Event based PrEP also known as on-demand PrEP is an alternative of daily PrEP dosing. You can take PrEP 2-24 hours before engaging in sexual activity
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Is PrEP effective?

PrEP effectiveness depends on how regularly do you take the pills. If taken daily, data suggests that it is 99% effective in preventing HIV.
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How to get PrEP?

Depending on your location, PrEP can be accessed in various different ways. Private prescriptions for PrEP can be a little expensive. You can also get PrEP online.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! we do not share your personal info with any third party under any circumstances. Not only this, we even ensure that the medicines are packed in such a way that the contents won’t be visible unless the parcel is opened.

Out of all the registered emails, certain emails are shortlisted periodically for the FREE PrEP Access. If your email gets shortlisted, we will notify you via mail.

It is an initiative started by DeliverDose to help individuals in need by sending them one month of FREE PrEP Supply.

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