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Your order has been created. Here's the Guide to Make the Payment (How To Pay).
We will ship your order within 48 hours of Payment Confirmation.
PLEASE NOTE: Ignore the further steps if the Total Amount is ZERO.

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1. Online Transfer via www.wise.com (for Customers Worldwide)
Pay using Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account
Transfer Time: 0-4 Hours
Fees Charged to Sender: 4% of the Order Amount
I. Create a Wise Account (www.wise.com)by clicking on Register button
II. Click on Send Money
III. Enter the Amount in your currency. Select the preferred Payment Method (Bank/Debit Card/Credit Card etc.) from the Dropdown.
Enter the Receiver Currency as INR (Indian Rupee). It is important to select INR to avoid delay of  3-4 days here.
IV. Enter your Name as the «Sender»
V Select Purpose of Payment as «Send to a Business/ Charity»
VI. Enter Receiver info like «Email and Bank Details» as mentioned above.
VII. Review the Receiver’s Payment Details and confirm the same
VIII. Enter your Payment details » Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Bank account» as per your choice & click on Pay.
IX. Wise.com will send you payment confirmation email. Kindly forward it to [email protected]
Kindly upload the screenshot of the payment once it’s done so that it will help us to track your payment and get it processed on time. 
Let's complete your payment with DeliverDose. Please check your email for payment instructions.